8 V 2019 (środa o 16.30) – नमस्ते (namaste) Words – Thoughts – Gestures – why India gives me a thrill

Photographs from the journey : JACEK MUELLER


6 III 2019 (środa 16.00) – Encounter with the Portuguese culture – „Hello Fado”!

Fado’s history, the most famous representatives of the genre, Lisbon’s photos and a small surprise …

Performed by:
Katarzyna Krupa-Walkowiak, graduate of MA studies in Romance Philology, Spanish profile at the University of Wrocław and doctoral studies in „La educación lingüística y literaria”, at Universita Valencia (Spain), lecturer at the University of Opole Foreign Language Center.

In the cooperation with Studium Języków Obcych U O

26 II 2019 (środa o 16.00) – Dzień Belgijski w BO!

Belgium, Flemish people, Dutch language – what do they have in common?
In their country there are three official languages, but they will speak English to tell us about their country and teach us some language. We will also dance!

Belgia, Flandryjczyk i język Niderlandzki – co mają wspólnego?
Uczniowie z Geel w Belgii opowiedzą o swoim kraju i nauczą nas kilku słów w swoim języku. Będą też tańce!